Social Responsibility

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We take our social responsibility seriously. Based on the CSR concept we try to meet our social responsibility within our range of possibilities.

CSR is a social responsibility concept for companies. It includes the aspects of sustainability and rests on the three 'pillars' of economy, social matters, and environment. The CSR initiatives are our contribution to do something meaningful for a society which is viable in the future within the framework of our business activities.

Some of our initiatives:

  • We purchase 100 % 'green' electricity, based on the Grüner Strom Label. Via Stadtwerke Bonn we obtain electricity exclusively from renewable sources.
  • We are CO2 certified. We offer carbon-neutral print products. Carbon-neutral printing means that all CO2 emissions occurring during the printing process itself and also during the production of the materials required (such as paper and paint but also energy and transport), are calculated, shown, and offset, i.e. compensated, by means of climate protection certificates.
  • Our fleet of vehicles uses either natural gas or is equipped with engines producing as little CO2 as possible.
  • Our CTP image setters expose plates without chemicals; our production is therefore also taking the environment into account in this respect.
  • Together with our staff we have developed models concerning working time and pension schemes which permit greatest flexibility and a secure working environment.
  • We are active in our environment: we support clubs, charitable organizations and schools, we offer monetary contributions as well as contributions in kind (releasing staff in order for them to participate in Social Days or sponsoring sports events).

Notwendige Voraussetzung für das gesellschaftliche Engagement von Unternehmen und Hauptziel unternehmerischen Handelns ist wirtschaftlicher Erfolg. Nur wirtschaftlich gesunde Unternehmen sind in der Lage, ihren Beitrag zur Lösung gesellschaftlicher Probleme zu leisten. Unternehmen tragen vor allem Verantwortung, indem sie Arbeitsplätze sichern – ein prosperierendes Unternehmen ist der beste Garant für den Erhalt von Arbeitsplätzen.