About us

in puncto druck+medien GmbH - since the beginning of 2004 this name has represented the merger of two old-established firms working successfully in the graphics industry.

Both - Thenée Druck GmbH and Siering GmbH - are Bonn family firms with decades of tradition as partners and competent enterprises in the printing industry. Whilst Siering focussed on the pre-press stage and saw themselves as media service providers, Thenée have always presented themselves as reliable printing partners.

Based on a friendship of many years between the firms' owners (the companies were founded in the early 1950s by their fathers in a joint office) it was not particularly hard to use the competencies of both firms to create the conditions for a successful common future by founding the new in puncto druck+medien GmbH.

Media service providers offering a full range of competencies - this is how we like to describe ourselves today: the multimedia agency, Faktor E, is one of our pillars in the field of media production. We are therefore able to offer clients important knowhow in Web design, cross marketing, and content management far beyond the print area. Also part of this network of companies is our subsidiary Print Logistik Bonn GmbH, active in the field of EDP services, despatch, preparation/handling, and storage. More than 40 members of staff are the bedrock for first class handling of orders on schedule, tailor-made to our satisfied clients' wishes.